Don't play with your food!

Thankfully my mother never uttered the deadly duo of the dinner table..."don't play with your food"...and "there are starving children in (insert country name here) who would appreciate that food even if you don't". Probably because a) she was a very good cook, and b) I was a rather piggy child.

So...playing with food...not a problem. Playing with clothes...a different story altogether. A rather literal take on this is this Japanese game t-shirt...the board is printed but the pieces can be moved. Which, I suppose, is a great space saver for travel..."no room for a board game but, what do you know, we can play checkers on my t-shirt".

It's also a really great excuse for a little human Tetris...


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  • Tessa Pugh said...
    9:45 AM
    The game on the T-shirt looks like the "Othello" game I played as a kid. My kids play it now. The T-shirt is very packable but what to do with all the black/white game pieces? ha ha
  • WendyB said...
    10:40 AM
    That is hilarious.
  • enc said...
    6:14 PM
    I thought that t-shirt looked like a game of Othello! tessa pugh has pointed this out already, I see.

    So cool!
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