Let's get physical...but not too much

You may remember my musings the other day on flexibility...the lack of it where I am concerned...and my apathy when it comes to any kind of exercise regimen. Well, it turns out that I'm not alone...at least according to an article on The Times' website, "Britons are leaving the gym". Though, to be fair, in the case of this Brit it's more "Britons have no earthly interest in going to the gym but would be relieved if everyone else would get a little less evangelical on the subject".

Though now at least, thanks to the article, I have some data to back up my "less gym, more living" philosophy...playing air guitar, for example, burns 3.5 calories a minute...playing the trombone, 7 calories (though that's probably stress-induced if my recollection of High School band practice are anything to go by). Even the humdrum chores are listed...for instance, if I "push two supermarket trolleys at once" I burn 8 calories a minute...I'd probably also cause a pile up in aisle 3...but think of all the calories I'd be burning as I was thrown out of the store.


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  • enc said...
    6:13 PM
    Causing a three-cart-pileup in the produce aisle is vastly more fun than pounding it out on the dreadmill. No, that's not a typo.
  • kittygoespotty said...
    12:09 PM
    So, I don't really believe it may have success.

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