Measure for Measure

This is another one of those (I admit it, jealousy motivated) some people have way too much money posts. In this instance, the item that prompted this reaction is Fendi's keychain/tape measure because, useful though it may be, how many times do you use a tape measure on a day-to-day basis? Personally I may have a yen to measure something maybe once a month but definitely not with the level of consistency that would induce me to shell out a couple of hundred dollars for the (logo-emblazoned) pleasure.



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  • WendyB said...
    9:31 AM
    I use a measuring tape a lot! I would never buy it for myself but if someone bought it for me, I'd be happy :-)
  • Miriam said...
    11:40 AM
    Perfect present for a classy architect!
  • editor said...
    12:58 PM
    I don't understand... why would anyone buy this tape measure when Hermes makes a perfectly good one?
  • enc said...
    11:02 PM
    editor is right on! ^^

    Seriously, it's cool, but I'd probably wind up snapping the keychain part open by accident all the time, thereby losing all my keys.
  • jealoushe said...
    12:28 PM
    I can see models or fashion-related people carrying this around so that measurements can be taken at the drop of a hat...that, or people who are always and obsessively taking their own measurements.

    So I suppose it could be useful, but I still maintain that I've never met a Fendi bag (or small non-shoe accessory) that I like.

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