"Hermes, god of Cyllene, called the souls of the suitors to him." - Homer's Odyssey

On this week's installment of "Why am I here when I could be there?"...why am I not in New York...NOW? What's causing this sudden angst, you wonder...three words...Herm├Ęs...Sample...Sale.

I'm trying to tell myself (as you do) that even though the sale has clothing, shoes, bags, scarves, and home products there probably wouldn't be anything for me...if I say it often enough I just may be able to convince myself.

If you are in New York over the next few days head over to the Metropolitan Pavilion, at 123 W. 18 Street (4th floor) and pick up some cut-priced luxury...I'll only be jealous for a relatively short period, I swear.


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  • Ryan Robinson said...
    10:29 AM
    I hate to tell you, but you also missed the Paul Smith sample sale in SoHo last week. I was really really proud of myself that I held back the gigantic urge to buy anything there. Mr. Hebden was not happy with my strength to withhold purchasing anything. I will try to swing by Hermes, but I can't guarantee that I'll buy anything. I will take pictures though.
  • hebden said...
    12:33 PM
    I know...I was mad about that too...especially when I heard how much they'd reduced things by.

    Weirdly enough, it's the thought of reduced price Hermes "home products" that's really exciting me...they have some gorgeous, though horrifically expensive things like wicker trays and bedside decanter/glass sets.
  • enc said...
    10:17 PM
    I missed it. GRRRRRRRRRR. Thank you for advising me of it, though.

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