Smells Like Teen Spirit...or Swim Class?

Sunday is my "gunk day"...the day when it makes most sense to use the various face masks, potions, and lotions that I seem to collect like a hyperactive squirrel going after nuts. And I will, I admit, take a free sample of anything that is offered.

"Strychnine modom?"
"It's a free sample..."
"Oh, well in that case..."

A recent visit to Kiehl's having yielded some samples of their Ultra Facial Cleanser I decided to give it a try. First of all, the does, as their marketing materials suggest, cleanse the skin "without over-drying or stripping skin of its natural oils". The downside is that it does so while smelling like a swimming pool. So much so that I checked the ingredient list to see if chlorine was on it. Is it overly picky to want a product that works and smells nice?


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  • enc said...
    6:31 PM
    No, I insist on a good smell. I'll stop using something if I don't like how it smells.
  • Anonymous said...
    7:38 AM
    My tap water smells like chlorine on a fairly regular basis (usually after it rains hard), so sometimes I feel like I'm showering & brusing my teeth poolside.
  • vibradores said...
    2:59 PM
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