One coin...two sides

Today's it bad to covet a ten year old's outfit? Not your ordinary, Crayola brights you understand, but the junior chic shown by this child...rabbit fur jacket, black skirt, knee-high leather boots, Chanel bag...even her hair looks better than mine!

On the one hand, it's incredibly demoralizing...on the other, it's a chance to admire an outfit that could potentially work on anyone from ten to a can be seen by the, slightly modified, adult version (courtesy of Garance Dore which has captured a mesmerizing selection of looks from the street of Paris Fashion Week).



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  • Maria said...
    10:38 AM
    that's one of the main differences between style as cultural expression between Parisian kids and other kids (teenagers too). They look so "formal", so put together in a very quaint way, yeah that can be read as "well dressed". In my opinion it reads as their parents are so worried about their nationalistic sense of identity that the kids ought to be in the french league of properness no matter what. Go kid! smile a little!
  • enc said...
    1:23 AM
    That look is great both ways. I think I relate to the narrower proportion on the girl, but I think the big skirt on the woman would make me feel girlier. If that makes sense.

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