Memories…in the corners of my mind…

The other day I came across one of those school pencil cases wittily shaped like a large pencil...which of course made me all sentimental as my head filled with memories of me (back when I was a little Heb) feeling cool-ish because I had one of the aforementioned pencil cases in my backpack when I headed out to school.

Fast forward to now (and a decidedly bigger Heb) who, while loving nostalgia, needs something with a little more oomph. Like, for instance, this engraved cherry wood clutch from Stella McCartney. I understand why it’s so expensive...visions of childhood are replaced by rows of people whittling away to create the perfect wooden bag...but it’s out of my price range for a clutch...though maybe not if you also think of it as a piece of "art". Which is probably how it would need to be viewed as there’s the additional consideration that wood smooshing in a few extra "necessities" when you go out...your belongings will either fit, or they won’t...not good news for an inveterate hoarder like me.



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  • enc said...
    2:46 PM
    It's beautiful. I've seen some beautiful wood things done with laser-cut designs, and the look was similar to this. It's a rally nice technique.

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