High Price...High Street?

Kate Moss’ most recent collection for Topshop hit stores today. I know this, among other reasons, because Topshop sent me an e-mail with some (rather insipid) styling suggestions from Ms. Moss herself. The advice ranges from the so stunningly obvious this probably doesn’t need to be written down variety...“I love this [blazer], as it reminds me of jackets I borrow from my boyfriend to wear and looks great just thrown on with jeans, with a skinny leather belt slung around it”...to the fine if you happen to have Kate Moss’ body-type but not a universal gem of wisdom...“This 1950’s dress style is a real figure fixer, slimming the waist while enhancing the boob area - genius!”.

I’m not trying to be catty (I swear), I just wonder if Topshop isn’t underestimating the intelligence of their customers with this kind of marketing...jeans and a blazer not exactly being a revolutionary concept...especially because when you actually look at the collection online it’s really not that interesting. There are a couple of nice pieces, it’s true, but there are an awful lot of tank tops, odd-looking dresses, and hotpants.

I’ll admit, I was drooling over the broderie anglaise dress on the right...until I converted the price from pounds to dollars and realized it came to $120 plus shipping...and that’s one of the mid-range pieces...there are plenty of items hitting the $300 mark. Maybe I’m being overly frugal. I just feel that for these prices I could get something less...disposable.


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  • enc said...
    7:39 PM
    I agree, it's overpriced. If it was $50, plus shipping, I'd do it.
  • Poster Girl said...
    11:17 PM
    I wasn't overly impressed when I went to London and saw the line in person. And with the U.S. ollar being so weak, it's even more discouraging.
  • MissOlive said...
    5:39 AM
    I agree- I tried that dress on yesterday and was sorely tempted, but couldn't justify the £60, when I know I could find something similar somewhere like Primark with a big of digging. It's just not particularly special, which I would expect something commanding that sort of price on the high street to be. The embroidered tunic, which cost the same, would have been mine however, if the only size 10 didn't have a stain.

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