Weight-lifting for Beginners

I thought I was alone in the freakish way that I carry heavy grocery bags...with the handles on my forearms to evenly distribute the weight (and lessen the side-effects of having the upper body strength of an amoeba)...and then I came across Givenchy's two-tone shopper, which seems to have been designed for just that carrying method.

I now have a mixed feeling of a) relief that I'm not a freak, b) wishing that the rationalization Gods would work their magic, "just think how many plastic bags you'd save...thus being environmentally conscious...but with a great bag", and c) wondering why Givenchy made this in white? Did no one stop to think what the detrimental effect of just one over-ripe tomato would be?


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  • enc said...
    11:12 AM
    The only explanation is that they forgot about over-ripe tomatoes. (I carry my bags this way, too, btw.)
  • Anonymous said...
    9:35 AM
    looks a heck of a lot like a horse's feed bag...
    then...is a shopping bag based on a horse's feed bag too?

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