The day of rest...

Looking into my crystal ball I see a lazy Sunday in my future...thanks to a new issue of Lula that I picked up yesterday afternoon...and a vintage Sherlock Holmes movie scheduled for this afternoon. Add a nice little lunch in there and I may be in heaven.

Even a cursory glance at Lula has shown that it's chock-a-block with inspiration...from the smokey-eyed ingenue on the the art of Jessica Williams and Susan an interview with Christopher Kane. The long floral dresses shown below make me think that a stroll through eBay is in my future...and that the Diane Fres dress I picked up a few months ago will be getting a lot of wear once the weather heats up...accessorized with a long wooden rosary which belonged to my grandmother and which can be looped in a manner similar to the Paul Smith necklace below.


And...if I can remember where I stashed some remnants of Liberty fabric...floral cheerleader-esque hair bunches will also be in my future... Actually, with all this inspiration whizzing around it may not be quite such a soporific Sunday after all...



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  • enc said...
    2:26 PM
    You are a kindred spirit, I love (and use often) the word soporific.

    Thanks for this post, now I know what to do with MY Sunday!
  • site said...
    4:01 PM
    This cannot have effect in fact, that is what I believe.

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