Peter thing in common, and it's not a cigar

Just to repeat So the little swines need to stop bombarding me with their functional-yet-whimsical lusciousness. I have more outerwear than a coat-check girl at a theater for goodness sake...I need to focus on other areas of my wardrobe (yes, I am repeating this for my own benefit).

First it was Topshop's "springtime fantasy" trench, and now it's Philip Lim's "chic, yet not overly done" cardinal red trench. But a quick tally shows that (in addition to more utilitarian rainwear) I currently own a Built by Wendy traditional-ish trench...a Burberry trenchlet (i.e. a trench and a mini-cape combined, cute but completely useless in the rain)...and a Philip Lim bright yellow rain-slicker. I need to come to terms with the fact that I am a fashion Noah (of "who built the ark?" fame)...if it rains, I'm all set.


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  • Girl-Woman said...
    1:55 PM
    I am a coat junkie. Living in an area that gets more snow than sunshine, I get a lot of wear out of all my coats. I love-love the red trench.
  • enc said...
    10:19 PM
    I've been in a fizz over this myself. Must.Not.Buy.
  • jill said...
    5:57 PM
    this is lovely! red is such a wonderful standout color. it's such a shame that most people don't dare wear it. there's a great story about a woman in a red trench coat in paris je t'aime that's a great argument for buying your trench. ;)

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