Shirts versus Skins

Somewhat belatedly, the "great closet categorization of summer '08" has moved on from shoes to...shirts*...which makes me feel like a character on Sesame Street..."today's letter is the letter S". Adding to the feeling that I should be hanging out with Grover and the Cookie Monster...the realization that I really like Peter Pan collars. A third of my shirts are variations on that theme...from such diverse sources as H&M, APC, Jessica Ogden for Fred Perry, and Vivienne Westwood. For the rest, a relatively good mix of patterns and solids...though, I have to say, a lot of blue...which, considering the less emphatic presence of blue in the rest of my closet makes me wonder where my love of the blue shirt comes from...

My other realization...apart from the fact that I need to buy an iron (why do clothes look more wrinkled in photographs than they do in real life?) a sense of relative satisfaction, shirt-wise. I wouldn't say no to another shirt in a darker (non-blue) shade but, overall, I have a rare sense of contentment.

* For the purposes of this analysis, "shirts" are tops with collars that are can be worn by themselves (and not hidden under a sweater or jacket because they don't fit correctly or have a pattern that is objectionable when viewed in its entirety)...I can't be the only one with a selection of shirts that I only wear under sweaters...can I?


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  • enc said...
    5:10 PM
    No, you're not the only one who has shirts she wears only under sweaters.

    You have a nice selection of shirts—nice variety. I love the Liberty-Print-looking one, and the green spotted one at the top.
  • kate said...
    8:23 PM
    I have a collection of printed tank tops that I only wear under cardigans.
  • Erica said...
    9:47 AM
    Oh yes, I have shirts that, woe is me if it gets too hot, because the sweater cannot come off. Of course there are some that must go under long sleeved sweaters and some that just require vests. I love your collection of pristine shirts that can be worn with abandon.

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