A tribute to Hinge & Bracket

The mind certainly is a strange thing...and the links between A and B can sometimes be so tenuous as to make you wonder if you're a little...unhinged. In this case, CC Skye's hinge bracelet brought back childhood memories of watching re-runs of "Dear Ladies"...possibly one of the strangest shows to ever air on British television...a drag act so successful that many viewers thought that the protagonists, Dr. Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket, actually were women.

But what, you quite reasonably ask, does two ladies having sherry with the vicar and singing Gilbert & Sullivan have to do with this delightfully tough, yet ladylike, bracelet. The answer is nothing...except a hinge.


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  • enc said...
    12:11 AM
    The reference is lost on me, but the beauty of that piece is not. I love how sold those hinges look. I wonder how much it weighs.
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  • Iheartfashion said...
    5:46 PM
    So pretty; I love this bracelet.
  • enc said...
    7:05 PM
    I see now that I typed "sold," when I really meant to type "solid" when referring to the metal hinges. Gak.

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