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As I was browsing around Barney's website this sailor hat from Chloe Sevigny's collection for Opening Ceremony caught my eye...not because I'm in the market for a Captain's hat, I actually have a rather jaunty one from James Lock &, what interested me about the hat was that it's made from "recycled cassette tape fabric".

Now, having once cut black garbage bags into strips so that I could knit them into a cap (what can I was the eighties...), I was curious. And, after a little Googling, I discovered Sonic Fabric...a textile woven from (you guessed it) recycled audio cassette tapes. Even more intriguing that the fabric itself is the fact that it can be "played"...because it retains its magnetic quality it emits a sound if a tape head is pulled across it.


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  • enc said...
    2:44 PM
    I believe that is the coolest bit of recycled fashion I've ever heard of.

    get it?
  • WendyB said...
    9:44 PM
    I like!

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