"They was a-splishing and a-splashing" - Bobby Darin

I know that I've professed my love of rubber shoes before, but with the whole "Spring showers" period around the corner (which will make a welcome relief from the "Spring snowstorms" period I'm currently in) I couldn't resist these beauties from J Crew.

The only dark cloud (sorry) is that I find myself passing up the opportunity to add a splash of color to my footwear and am, instead, looking longingly at the black pair. Ah well, at least my feet will be dry...albeit slightly funereal.



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  • 6:51 PM
    No need to apologize, black is never wrong. ;)
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  • enc said...
    2:32 PM
    Oh come on, buy two pair! Or three. Then you can have black, and color.

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