Silly Wabbit

Apparently the Easter rabbit is a rabbit (and not a chicken, elk, or pig) because the rabbit was known as being incredibly fertile and was therefore the best candidate to symbolize Spring's new life. Which in interesting, but makes me slightly uncomfortable when I realize the implications of all the chocolate bunnies I have consumed in the past.

Much safer, and tastier too, is Ladurée's alternative Easter basket...currently on offer at Harrods...and featuring a bottle of Moët & Chandon Rosé and a box of limited edition macaroons. Up until this point I would have said that there was nothing better than a macaroon from Ladurée, but I was wrong...a bottle of fizz and some 'roons is a great fact, I'd welcome the Easter elk with open arms if he showed up at my door with these.


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  • enc said...
    10:19 PM
    Yummy. Looks good, tastes better.

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