Mother, may I have another?

The images from The Row's fall/winter lookbook are...odd...masks, dismembered baby dolls, and mother/nanny wearing a somewhat disturbing leather skirt ensemble during some home-schooling. And yet...they as much as they manufacture a world which, despite your mis-givings, you wouldn't mind living in for a while. Not as much perhaps as the video for their holiday collection (for me, at least)...because, for all their whimsicality, these pictures do have an innate sense of sobriety...fetishistic pilgrims in an expensive Soho loft...and, quite honestly, I can never manage to look that "grown up".

Which is a little depressing...especially as the child is managing it...



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  • enc said...
    7:39 PM
    Wacky, but I love wacky.
  • niki said...
    11:58 AM
    love the feather mask and over the knee sock combo
  • site said...
    8:54 AM
    It won't work in actual fact, that is exactly what I suppose.

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