“All things are easy to industry, all things are difficult to sloth.” - Benjamin Franklin

Desperation for a little color amidst all the mid-winter gray caused me to pull a rather lightweight summer skirt out of the back of the closet...with very thick tights I was able to go outside without developing frostbite but, it has to be faced, the shape of this skirt isn't the best.

I think I bought it for the color (which, as I said, is the reason I wore it today) and ignored the fact that there's something "off" about the general fit. Perhaps lopping a few inches of the hem may help...the nice thing about this idea is that as all of the seams on the skirt are raw I can chop off some length and leave it as is...no sewing involved...possibly the laziest DIY project ever...which raises the question of why I haven't done it before now.

The answer...pure, unadulterated sloth.

Peacoat - APC, boiled wool school scarf - Paul Smith, skirt with raw edges - Anthropologie, loop sweater - Simone Shailes for Topshop, suede boots (outdoor), perforated flats (indoor)


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