“Lots of people think they're charitable if they give away their old clothes and things they don't want.” - Myrtle Reed

I've been window shopping online for the past few days and I've been struck by two things...

  1. The on-going recession means that quite a few people are off-loading their designer pieces to resale stores
  2. The majority of items thus scandalously reduced would look absolutely rotten on me
And so, I'm passing on the details of some finds in that hope that someone will snatch them up and revel in feelings of happiness and good clothing...

Item #1, a Balenciaga tweed suit with leather detailing for...$210. On someone with the right build this will look amazing...whereas I would resemble a linebacker in drag as a librarian-biker (a rare subgroup who ride pillion on a Harley Davidson while reading Keats). The fact that the pieces can be worn separately (and that this is therefore a double bargain) is almost too much to bare.


Item #2, Hermes full-calf spats for...$245. Sized 36.5 (which I have to assume is shoe size as I've never heard of calf sizing) these would be too small for me...though the ability to change shoes into boots at the pull of a zip makes them awfully tempting.


Item #3, Louis Vuitton kilt-ie shoes...for $185. Too high (four inch heels)...too small (size 35.5)...obviously we were not destined to get together...but for someone with smaller feet and a sense of balance they'd be perfect.Photobucket

And, if none of these take your fancy, the site for New York charity Housing Works (which works to provide services to homeless and low-income city residents living with HIV and AIDS) also has its fair share of Chanel, Ferragamo, Comme des Garcons, and others...


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