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Upon reflection I decided that my $10 H&M purchase is more "top" than "dress"...for me, at least...on someone 5'7" or shorter this would be a dress...at 5'11" it's a little short (I was obviously hunched over in the changing room).

Not that I'm unhappy about my purchase...dear me, no...but I'm still on the lookout for something stripe-y, and dress-y...and longer...


Striped top/dress - H&M, scarf - Urban Outfitters, jeans - Joes, suede boots, talon cuff - Pamela Love


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  • 7:37 AM
    LOVE that striped top, such a great find!
  • Najeema said...
    7:41 PM
    WOW! I love your bracelet!
  • fxhawaii said...
    5:57 AM
    Oh my god, there is really much useful information here!

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