“Formula for success: Rise early, work hard, strike oil.” - Jean Paul Getty

I know that every so often I witter on about various methods of hair conditioning (you may remember by experiment with the olive oil, for instance)...but as I mistreated my hair so badly in my youth (dying it jet black...bleaching it...and then working my way through most of the colors of the rainbow) I have underlying hair guilt. I know it's not the same hair...I just feel the need to make reparation for my earlier sins...well, that and the fact that my hair is naturally thin and flyaway and needs all the TLC it can get.

My latest obsession is also from the grocery store...though this time from the beauty area at Whole Foods as opposed to the oil and vinegar aisle...Dr. Hauschka's Neem Hair Oil. My overwhelmingly lazy side likes that it's a once-a-week treatment...my nasal passages have got used to the smell (which can seem a little pungent during the first couple of uses)...and, most importantly, my hair is happy...well conditioned, a little thicker looking, and generally feeling rather pleased with itself.Photobucket


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  • Anonymous said...
    5:58 PM
    oh i have a major weakness for hair-talk.
    i use olive oil once in a while as a pre-shampoo step, and i recently broke my multi-month streak of avoiding spending double digits on haircare. so i was all ready to jump on this oil stuff until you mentioned the smell. i don't want to acquire a tolerance for a smell. my hair treatments have to be a pleasure from start to finish.

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