"A secret deep inside you that only scouts can know."

Today's title quote is from the (incredibly long) Girl Scouts' Court of Awards & Fly-Up/Bridging 2002 which I found via the joys of Google. I have no idea what this ceremony is as my own time with the Brownies/Guides was remarkably short thanks to a difference of opinion between myself and "our fearless leader" regarding some Scottish sword dancing that we were supposed to be practicing.

None of which really has much to do with anything...except that the sheer volume of brown I ended up wearing today reminded me of a Brownies' unform..."Dyb dyb dyb, dob dob dob", as they say.

Plaid shirt - H&M, lion sweatshirt - APC, skirt - APC, moccasins - Old Navy, talon cuff - Pamela Love


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  • enc said...
    9:23 AM
    That's as good as I've ever seen that color look!

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