"Culture is a sham..."

“Culture is a sham if it is only a sort of Gothic front put on an iron building -- like Tower Bridge -- or a classical front put on a steel frame -- like the Daily Telegraph building in Fleet Street. Culture, if it is to be a real thing and a holy thing, must be the product of what we actually do for a living -- not something added, like sugar on a pill.” - Eric Gill

I've been trying to find more ways to wear my Chanel jackigan...I mean cardet...I mean jacket/cardigan hybrid. Purchased a couple of years ago, vastly reduced...okay, as vastly reduced as a pretty thick cashmere Chanel jacket with tulle trim around the edges can be...it's one of those pieces that I love but that kind of languishes in my closet. I don't feel quite as guilty about that as I probably should as it's a classic that I can wear now or when I'm ninety (unless my arch-nemesis Moth Man gets his sharp little teeth into it) but I do need to work its luxe-gothicness into more of my winter outfits...


Cardigan/jacket - Chanel, plaid dress - Gap, diamante pendant necklace - H&M, zip flats - Ash


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  • 5:56 AM
    LOVE how you wear your chanel cardigan... this look seems very French for me some reason.. such a good look.
  • Hebden said...
    8:53 AM
    Thanks...initially I was a little worried that I might be veering into "Catholic schoolgirl" territory...
  • 10:45 AM
    i am pretty sure that item would fall into my special wear-it-and-never-take-it-off category.

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