“The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.” - Albert Einstein

When considering summer...in the abstract way that you do when you're bored and you've finished staring at the icicles which completely cover your neighbor's kitchen window...I decided that, this summer, I need to avoid wishful thinking syndrome. That totally bizarre affliction that causes you to buy certain items because they look great on someone else...or conjure up a certain feeling when you look at them...or make you believe, temporarily, that you live a lifestyle somewhat different that your own. Not that I'm dismissing fantasy in fashion...fantasy is everything...but relentlessly fixating, and buying, one specific item or style that you get minimal wear out of isn't fantasy...is crazy.

Which is why I am going to try my best this summer to avoid the siren's cry of...the sandal. In my head sandals conjure up images of the south of France or the Greek islands...ambling around on lazy summer days...managing to look chic, yet cool, on even the warmest days. In reality, I walk (a lot) and the majority of sandals either rub in the most painful of locations or (by their very design) allow every pebble to work its way inside and try to hitch a ride. I need to focus on the fact that, even in the height of summer, I am a ballerina kind of girl...and though, for example, these red patent numbers from See by Chloe are gorgeous they're not for me.Photobucket


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  • enc said...
    2:59 PM
    They're very sweet and shiny, but I see what you mean.
  • 10:47 AM
    i prefer the original:

    but even so, yes, i avoid sandals like the plague. a very impractical and uncomfortable shoe.

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