"...the victim of his indifference"

“In an age when man has forgotten his origins and is blind even to his most essential needs for survival, water along with other resources has become the victim of his indifference” - Rachel Carson

Oh, how I love the e-mails that I receive from PR firms...the utter insanity behind some of the phraseology that makes you wonder if anyone who receives one nods their head in agreement and says "this is the greatest invention since sliced bread". The latest...with the subject line "Don't Let the Recession Kill Your Fashion Addicton" is about bottled water. But not just any old bottled water, oh no...this is Jean Paul Gaultier for Evian water...or, in PR-speak...

"Is the recession infringing on your label-loving fashion addiction? This year, Jean Paul Gaultier has the solution. The cutting-edge designer has partnered with Evian Natural Spring Water to create a limited edition bottle for the fashionista who has it all, but wouldn’t mind a little more…

Available on ShopEvian.com for just $13.95..."

So...let me get this straight...in this time of "recession" I am supposed to cough up $14 (plus tax) for water in a desperate attempt to feed (or water) my fashion addiction? Quite frankly, if my addiction ever reaches that level I will fasten the straps on my (designer, naturally) straight jacket myself.


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  • 2:07 PM
    Wow...excessive much?
  • enc said...
    9:22 AM
    Pretty preposterous.

    But you have to give them credit for trying to get that to fly. It was a desperate move in desperate times.

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