“There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.” - Leonardo da Vinci

As I was chatting (in a virtual way) to the search for chic about my latest suede handbag acquisition we got onto the topic of "other suede I have known" and I realized that I am a terrible "bag lady" (in that I never know the "names" of any of the bags in my possession). I feel bad, the designers obviously spend weeks...days...hours...minutes...seconds thinking of just the right name for their latest design and, to me, it's "the boxy Balenciaga with a lots of pockets" or "the Sonia Delaney-ish Miu Miu"...conversations on fashion and bag forums make little sense until someone posts a picture and I mentally strike myself on the head while saying "oh, THAT bag". I can't help it, I'm just more interested in the actual design and materials used rather than its nom de guerre.

So, to answer search's question...here is a picture of my other suede (though, I actually have a vintage Mulberry suede clutch so I suppose technically this is suede #2)...a futuristic, in a 60's kind of way, little number from Balenciaga. The pro's...good size, thick (yet soft) suede which holds its shape beautifully, and (of course) the matching mirror...vastly outweigh the one (admittedly irritating) con...the buckle closure. Leave it undone and it's an open invitation to pickpockets, close it and you'll spend 5 minutes attempting to open it (fine after a lazy lunch, not destined to get you voted 'Miss Popular' in the line at the drugstore).Photobucket

Of course, what this really means is that I really need to stop buying suede handbags...because, really, three (all in varying shades of brown) are enough for anyone. And, though they're all beautiful, there are chunks of the year when they can't be used...rain/snow cause staining during the colder months and (I'm sorry, I have to say it) sweaty hands can create havoc in the horrifically hot days of summer. So, dear readers, if you hear me mention "suede" and "handbag" in close proximity in any future musings please feel free to scream the phrase "three is enough"...virtually, of course.


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  • 12:33 PM
    Wow, I am so envious now.. that is a very cool bag, I have seen it from time to time on ebay but have previously never been into anything brown, and suede like you say is not really great for rain as in London..

    So beautiful..and actually quite similar to the Tila bag..hmm? You really will get to use them both.. ?;)

    Thanks for showing which one it was. Gee.. I am now craving a bag..

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