“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge” - Plato

As it's all too easy to buy something online in the sales and get that "drat, that wasn't quite what I expected...and because it was reduced I can't return it...so I'm stuck with it lurking in my closet making me feel bad because I wasted the money" feeling I wanted to do a quick update post on the Tila March suede bag that I picked up in Matches' sale. Because, contrary to what you might expect from the first (rather extended) sentence of this post, it's actually better than expected because it's (virtually) three...three...three bags in one...morphing from shoulder to mid-length to messenger in the time it takes to un-snap and re-snap the studs on the strap.

In a strange way it makes me feel doubly frugal...the only downside is that the snow has been falling (or lying round in slushy piles) since the bag arrived and I'm too paranoid to mix suede and snow with reckless abandon.



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  • enc said...
    8:25 AM
    A bag that beautiful is not to be subjected to reckless abandon, you're right. But when the weather dries up . . . .
  • Sal said...
    12:43 PM
    SO glad it worked out. That is one of my top jealousy-inducing bags of all time.
  • 3:17 AM
    This bag really is fantastic, so cool..

    I saw that balenciaga have recently released the 'lune' bags in suede.. and I am now craving a suede bag.. I bet the prices for what balenciaga will charge will be quite unjustifiable.
  • Hebden said...
    10:08 AM
    the search - I've actually got a suede Balenciaga from several seasons ago...if they haven't changed sources their suede is gorgeous (though it causes even more panic over stains/water as it was quite a bit more than the Tila March).
  • 10:35 AM
    Hi Heb.

    Happy New Year btw =)

    Which bag do you have? How has it held up? I am always glad to hear that a brand which is known for their handbags really can source good leathers....I really do covet everything in suede..

    And don't worry about having paid full retail for the Simone jumper when I saw it on you I thought there was no way it was going to fit tiny me, but it going on sale I though I'd try it out..it is a fantastic piece, which was actually worth the price tag [before sale]

    You never do know. =)
  • Hebden said...
    10:06 AM
    the search - I'm awful about bag "names"...I'll post some pictures later. I agree, the Shailes was worth full price...but it's impossible to avoid the thoughts of "maybe I could have snagged it for less"...those are momentary qualms though that will pass as soon as I put it back on ;)
  • Anonymous said...
    1:17 AM
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  • Hebden said...
    7:49 AM
    Sarah - thanks (both for reading and leaving a comment).
  • site said...
    3:50 PM
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