"Life in plastic, it's fantastic!" - Aqua

As I mentioned previously, the search is on for a piece of carry-on luggage. Unfortunately I've been bogged down with work and haven't had a chance to really get started on my quest. I did, however, stumble upon a couple of "gosh, I wish these were in leather" options on Topshop's website. I say "gosh..." because my American Apparel vinyl duffle is working fine (for the time being) and I don't want to swap vinyl for polyurethane (or, to paraphrase Shakespeare, "A plastic by any other name would smell as sweet").

Roomy...shoulder strap and carrying handles...and some nice, punky little studs...all would be good were it not for the overwhelming plastic-ness. To add insult to injury I even spotted a wheeled bag which made me regret my loathing for "the wheelie"...but who could resist the supreme tackiness of patchwork snakeskin?



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  • Sal said...
    3:46 PM
    Love the stud details ... but agree that this is probably too much plastic to be borne.
  • enc said...
    5:08 PM
    They're all great, but if you don't LOVE any one of them, you'll have to keep looking. Discriminate!

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