“I wish I had a twin, so I could know what I'd look like without plastic surgery.” - Joan Rivers

If you happen to be in Leeds this evening you can catch the opening night performance (and world premiere) of "Skin Deep"...a new satirical operetta about the search for "perfection" via plastic surgery. Now, personally, I'm a fan of anything that ridicules the cult of perfection...though I will admit to sharing the common morbid voyeuristic fascination with plastic surgery victims (it's like slowing down to glance at roadkill on the highway...you know you shouldn't look...and it's going to make you sick...but you just can't help yourself).Photobucket

The heart of the matter though is that I can't imagine why anyone would allow themselves to be cut open unless it was a matter of life and death...much less hand over vast sums of money for the privilege. Of course, people want to look their best but, isn't that the point, that it's their best? Neither a doctor nor society's ideal but the best that they can reasonably attain with what they've got.

Of course, now I'm curious about your thoughts on going under the knife. Do you consider it a viable option in the fight against aging...a magic pill for those with low self esteem...or a step towards a society of flawless, identikit, mirror images (lacking in individuality and boring beyond all belief)?


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  • Sal said...
    9:40 AM
    I WISH I could be in Leeds for this.

    As someone who has studied a bit of biology, I'm also stymied by plastic surgery. Your genes did what they did for a reason: Monkeying with it can only lead to trouble. I'm certainly not above a heavily padded bra, but I'd never get a boob job.
  • Eli said...
    11:24 AM
    I think they've done wonders with lasers that you might not have to go under any knife now. I cant even imagine it! ick!
  • Anonymous said...
    12:02 PM
    i think it is an opportunity to wear your insecurities and self-loathing out on your face. for a high price (emotionally, physically and financially).
    it is also a rejection of the very natural process of life. if you deny death, it won't make it less real or any easier.
    it makes me sad (for the person) when i see it.
  • enc said...
    4:53 PM
    I respect each person's right and privilege to have plastic surgery. I think everyone should have access to whatever they like/want so they can feel and look beautiful.

    Having said that, though, it isn't for me. Not unless there were extenuating medical circumstances.

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