“One mustn't criticize other people on grounds where he can't stand perpendicular himself" - Mark Twain

A kind of (unspoken) resolution for me this year (blog-wise) was to do a few more "outfit posts". In the past I've steered relatively clear of these because I've noticed on other blogs that nothing gets the old hate mail going like a picture of the blogger's outfit and I haven't felt like wading through multiple "you look (fat/crap/like a bum) insert insult here" comments. However, as I post on multiple lookbook sites...my new favorite being the French site modepass (check it out to get a true feel for French style, though lots of other countries are represented)...it seems overly paranoid to not post them here as well.

And so, here's the first of what will probably be rather sporadic posts of the day's ensemble...

T-shirt dress - vintage DKNY
Pleather jacket - H&M
Necrophilia scarf - Alexander McQueen
Boots - J Crew
Talon cuff - Pamela Love
Watch - Hermes


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  • kristophine said...
    7:35 PM
    I love that scarf/jacket combination! It's beautiful, yet badass.
  • WendyB said...
    7:46 PM
    Someone told me I was a "wrinkly slut." At least I'm not fat, right?
  • enc said...
    8:23 AM
    I can't imagine any one picking on you, Hebden. Especially not when you look this great.
  • Hebden said...
    12:10 PM
    WendyB - someone actually said that? What the...?

    kristophine & enc - thank you!
  • Brook and Lyn said...
    1:37 PM
    let the comments flood! I like the whole look. More please...= )

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