“Orange is the happiest color.” - Frank Sinatra

Much as I'm whining right now about incipient hypothermia I know that, come the sweltering days of mid-summer, I'll be pining for a cold snap. That's because cold weather dressing is relatively easy (pile on numerous layers until a nice fug starts to build up) but summer dressing is a much more difficult prospect altogether.

Last year I tried to have a plan/wishlist for prospective summer purchases so that I didn't run amok in desperation...buying whims which added nothing to my wardrobe...and, for the most part, it worked. Last year's key warm weather purchase was United Bamboo's ribbon top...perfect for either business casual, or just plain casual...it was something that I actually looked forward to wearing when it was warm (a relatively unheard of occurrence).

This year's wishlist includes one or two nice tops (i.e. not t-shirts)...a pair of black pants...a dress (preferably striped)...and a pair of comfortable (when worn without socks/tights) ballet flats. If I can add these to my existing wardrobe I'm not going to claim that I'll be in warm weather nirvana...but I may be able to cope.

And, miracle of miracles, I can cross one of those items off the list...in the shape of this tangerine top from hazel & jaloux...which should add a nice shot of "60's French ingenue" to my closet. Though it was well-priced initially it became even more so thanks to a 15% off coupon that turned up when I did a Google search...I've said it before and, gosh darn it, I'll say it again...before buying anything online try a search for discount codes...a lot of the time you'll be successful and, at the very least, save the postage charges.



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  • Najeema said...
    12:04 PM
    That top is super cute! I really like your writing style.
  • 12:47 PM
    Oooh, this top is such a lovely find. Gorgeous colour! xx

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