“Cold! If the thermometer had been an inch longer we'd have frozen to death.” - Mark Twain

Another bone-chillingly cold day...though, somehow, when the sun is shining you manage to convince yourself that it's actually warm...even though the actual temperature is below freezing and the windchill...well, let's not even mention the windchill.

So, sun shining...birds singing (though the poor little blighters could just have been complaining about hypothermia) it was a day to pull a couple of feel good items out of the closet. Both, funnily enough, sale purchases and...better still...both sale purchases of items which had been on my wishlist for a long time...in the case of the sweater, a long long time, i.e. about ten years...the coat, spotted in Jalouse, caused a case of "there's no way that's going to appear in a US store" until, miraculously, seven or eight months later it did.

Coat - See by Chloe, marled scarf - APC, Mickey Mouse skull sweater - Lucien Pellat-Finet


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