“Relax, Georgie, I'm just making my collar and cuffs match.” - Carole Lombard

As Dr. Phil might say...if he was discussing jewelry instead of broken marriages and assorted psychoses and neuroses...it's time for a little "cuff love" (I know, I know, it's a groan-inducingly bad pun but I couldn't resist). I feel the need for the aforementioned c.l. because I realized the other day that since buying Pamela Love's talon version my Chanel cuff has spent a lot of time lazing around in my jewelry box and very little time on my wrist...a state of affairs that was soon rectified.Photobucket

It's 80's...it's a gob-smackingly excessive display of conspicuous consumerism (especially during a recession)...and it's about as subtle as a 10 foot high neon sign...yet I inherited it (and therefore have no internal quandary over how much it cost) so I don't feel the need to "baby" it. Yet another reason to love this cuff...it can be used and abused and shows little sign of wear.


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