“A few clowns short of a circus”...aka "Under the big-top"

Sometimes you just want to bundle yourself up in over-sized knits and baggy pants...not conventionally flattering I know (though better in person that via my questionable posing/photography)...but perfect for running errands and a good opportunity to pull a couple of vintage items out of the closet.

I've professed my love of 80's Joseph before...the advertising campaigns featuring Pamela Hanson's photography...the "Joseph woman" who was, at once, sexy and innocent...racks of Alaia (which I wish my mother had purchased)...and the quintessential Joseph item of that time, the hand-knit sweaters...in heavy wool or cotton...featuring designs than ran the gamut from full-on floral to antique Tibetan tiger rugs.


Hand-knit cotton "circus" sweater - vintage Joseph, flannel peg-leg pants - vintage Ralph Lauren, hi-tops - Converse


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  • enc said...
    3:00 PM
    That's extremely well done.
  • WendyB said...
    2:27 PM
    Those tigers look smiley.

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