"I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes." - Yves Saint Laurent"

It's incredibly difficult (for me, at least) to shop for t-shirts...aka "summer staples"...when there's the potential for a foot of snow in the next twenty-four hours...but as soon as I saw this RIP YSL shirt I knew I had to pick it up while I had the chance...or risk it being one of those times where, as soon as the appropriate season rolls around, all of the interesting seasonally-appropriate clothing which was loitering on my wish list is suddenly unavailable.

I'll admit, it's in questionable taste...but sometimes there's a collision between bad taste and good and instead of the result being the predictable train wreck you get something that, for whatever reason, is really rather appealing. And, to me, this shirt falls under that category...the tackiness is restrained...refined...yet 100% in evidence...the best of both worlds.


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  • enc said...
    8:53 AM
    I think I like the irony. I scanned through the site, and this t-shirt is pretty tame compared to a lot of the others! There's some very clever artwork, though.

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