"Locked in each human skull is a little world all its own." - Robert Tusker

Sunday evening...glass of chilled dry white wine close at hand...some home-popped popcorn (no microwave...just vegetable oil, freshly ground black pepper, and a little salt) also in the vicinity...is the perfect time for a little "let's pretend I'm insanely rich" window shopping.

Tonight's item of lust...Lucien Pellat-Finet's crocodile clutch with appliqu├ęd skull. I'm not going to mention the price...I am, after all, a pretend millionaire, made wealthy thanks to numerous Monopoly victories...suffice to say, if you're curious take a deep breath before clicking on the link.

I have to say though, the clutch (over-looking the price) is perfection...in a kind of stealth wealth...ironic luxe...rich punk way...also over-looking the fact that a clutch is the easiest kind of bag for purse snatchers to snatch, though what is more rich punk than fighting a bag thief for your crocodile handbag?


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  • WendyB said...
    9:31 PM
    Price aside, I love it!
  • enc said...
    2:05 PM
    I love the whole mystique-laden picture you paint here. I really like the look of that clutch, and it appeals to the subversive in me.

    The clutch's price didn't surprise me, and I wonder if I'm officially jaded now.
  • jds223 said...
    9:10 AM
    I wonder if it's $1000.00 per inch?
  • jenniferz said...
    10:45 PM
    INSANE!!! And what a shame that they can only ship within the US because it's made of exotic skin. Honestly, I can understand paying more for quality and style that will last, but if you've got $6K plus lying around, especially in this economic climate, there are many more productive and rewarding ways to spend it than on a skull clutch. Besides, isn't the skull thing waaay over? :)
  • Anonymous said...
    1:10 AM
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  • site said...
    4:42 AM
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