"Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

As I mentioned earlier in the week the first of the festive frolics (aka seasonal shindigs...aka Christmas parties) is about to hit and I am (once again) filled with trepidation over what to wear. Well, the party is almost upon me...as are several of inches of snow...temperatures below freezing...and the beginnings of a cold. So, in addition to everything else, I now require a certain degree of warmth...and footwear that can withstand the elements.

Which gives me three potential contenders. Outfit #1, a navy and blue Heimstone dress paired with some boots from J Crew which I've cuffed...I'm nicknaming this one "Puss in Boots". Outfit #2, a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and a thin turtleneck...the code name for this one is "The Statue of Liberty wears her thermals". And outfit #3, a See by Chloe dress with a lace bib and my Heimstone perfecto jacket...otherwise known as "Biker Girl".


Given the (rather exacting) criteria which I have for this evening, which would you choose?


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  • enc said...
    3:33 PM
    I just love the "Statue" look. The stripes are very zippy. They do something special for you.
  • Anonymous said...
    4:35 PM
    "Liberty" - if you can find some 'several inches of snow'-suitable footwear to go with it; otherwise, look no. 1. Not no. 3, it doesn't look like you're going to a party at all.
  • 1:52 PM
    I love look number 1 you look so cool..and very french.

    The dress is fantastic, it could not be more perfect. I always look for dresses like that but I always drown in them.
  • Anonymous said...
    6:04 PM
    i'm too late, but #3 for sure.
    and btw, love the claw!
  • 7:42 PM
    I absolutely love the "Liberty" look--the stripes really pop out, festive yet edty.
  • 7:42 PM
    (edgy, I mean.)
  • hebden said...
    9:08 PM
    Thanks everyone! I actually ended up with a version of the Liberty stripes...mainly because it was the most "festive" choice and, as I was feeling far from festive, I needed all the help I could get...I'm sure numbers 1 and 3 will make an appearance at some point during the party season though.
  • Erica said...
    4:44 PM
    I loved #1 and #2 too. What about #2 with the boots and a cardi--oh!

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