“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” - Oscar Wilde

Yesterday's (tongue-in-cheek) post about an excessively expensive handbag got me thinking about life during an economic downturn. What we wear, after all, generally reflects our personal wealth (either "real" or virtual wealth, i.e. thanks to Messrs Mastercard and Visa). Oh, I know that rich people "dress down" or " go boho" but it's really not fooling anyone if you mix Target and Givenchy...this isn't a case of the lowest common denominator...quite the reverse...you're buying the Tar-jay (Old Navy, H&M, Zara) because it works with the overall look, not for economic reasons.

But, what to do during a recession?
  1. Purposefully dress down (in an attempt to inspire a feeling of camaraderie)
  2. Wear your best (to inspire a general feeling of well-being...the "brave little woman dressing well in the face of adversity")
  3. Carry on regardless (also the title of a "Carry On" movie) and wear whatever you would have worn had an economic downturn not taken place
The question...given the current financial climate...do you feel guilty wearing your best...or merely "you"? I can say that, personally, I wear what I would usually wear but have vague feelings of disquiet when I consider the cost...


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  • WendyB said...
    11:01 AM
    I don't think it really helps anyone's wallet or psyche to go around in the equivalent of sackcloth and ashes. I don't see any reason to change my wardrobe.
  • Sal said...
    12:11 PM
    None of my frippery is all that spendy, but I agree with Wendy. (Really didn't mean to rhyme.) I'm dressing the same as always, and feel no remorse.
  • 1:16 PM
    Great post.. I have been conscious lately..and have not been wearing my Chanel bag for that reason.. I almost find it vulgar to be sporting such a luxury item in these times..hmm.. and with that I mean items that 'everyone' can spot.

    I almost wish I didn't feel that way.
  • enc said...
    2:07 PM
    I don't . . . but my best is really not that expensive. I have a couple of jackets and coats that cost quite a bit, but none of my regular clothes did. And I work in a gym anyway, so nobody's going to think I'm super well-off in my running shoes and leggings, are they?
  • 2:52 AM
    Personally, I don't see a need or purpose to change how I dress. I always mix and match and layer anyway, since I can't afford to (and wouldn't want to) cover myself in finery from head to toe. My choice of clothing, whether on the really cheap or the pricier side, is merely a reflection of what I like to wear as oppose to any statement on social status. Putting away the more expensive articles of clothing/accessories is not going to make me more or less conscious of what's going on in terms of the economy, as economy/saving money/etc. is something I've been cognizant of my entire life. To the contrary, I'd be getting less of a return on my "investment pieces" if I purposefully refrain from wearing them.

    That said, I can certainly understand why a lot of people now factor the economy in their style choices. There is something positive to be said for the sensitivity/empathy for those who are facing a great deal of hardship at this time.

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