“Only on paper has humanity yet achieved glory, beauty, truth, knowledge, virtue, and abiding love.” - George Bernard Shaw

As I mentioned before, we here in the Hebden household aren't doing gifts this Christmas...which makes the season remarkably carefree...no stress over finding the "perfect" gift...but does seem to be having a strange side-effect...in that I find myself searching websites to find the most bizarre gifts available. You'd think I'd be transfixed by the beauty of the season...instead I'm on a virtual scavenger hunt for things that I'd hate to actually receive but, as an observer, am drawn to like roadkill on the highway.

A perfect example...this colored toilet paper from The Conran Store...in "vibrant red or orange" and "chic black"...their phrasing, not mine (of all the words I could think of to describe black t.p. 'chic' would not be one of them). Though it's definitely...um...useful...I can't imagine either giving this as a gift...or receiving it...I mean, what do you say when someone gives you toilet paper for Christmas?



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  • enc said...
    10:41 AM
    My father would have said "I wouldn't wipe my @ss with this!" LOL

    It's not my taste, but it's still an interesting idea.
  • Anonymous said...
    11:31 AM
    this is a bad idea.
    this is evidence that people have given up on good ideas, and are now merely content with just "ideas."

    the problem i fall into when we scale back on gifts is the license i then give myself to supply my own gifts to and for myself.
  • hebden said...
    8:26 PM
    up & down - yep, the rationalization of "I'm not spending money on gifts...I can buy (insert item for me here)" is the current trap that I am falling into...though even that wouldn't make me want colored toilet paper.
  • Anonymous said...
    9:06 PM
    but hey, don't feel bad. it's good for the economy, right?
    no gifts, that's not natural. buying stuff for yourself makes gooood sense. tis the season and all that.

    colored toilet paper... just so wrong. ;)
    (i don't even like colored tissues!)
  • mainlymilitary said...
    4:10 AM
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