The allergies

She knows
Of those
Who do not care
For paws
And claws
And feline hair.
For kicks
She licks
The very one
Who tries
To rise
And deftly shun
The purr,
The fur,
The whiskered face
Of that
Darn cat
Who seeks a place
To nap:
That lap
She likes the best
Is there -
Right square
Upon the guest
Who blows
His nose
And starts to sneeze...
The one
By allergies!

Mr. Heb has an unfortunate allergy to pet no cats or dogs in the Hebden household (he also has an even more unfortunate allergy to flower no bunches of flowers for yours truly...not that I'm bitter, oh dear me, no...after all, nothing is more romantic than a leafy shrub or prickly cactus). An allergy-free solution for the festive season...unless a bout of xmasdecoritis hits...are these cat and dog baubles...which manage to avoid the cloyingly cutesie and are, instead, an adorably freaky addition to any Christmas tree.



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  • WendyB said...
    9:55 AM
    Love those.
  • Allyzona said...
    2:19 PM
    Great Poem....I use a nasal spray for my pet allergies that works so great I actually have a dog and a cat. I wash my hands often and clean a lot but I use Sinol nasal spray and I can actually have pets without too much should try it...
  • 6:01 PM
    I absolutely love your poem. Fantastic. But, I used to be allergic. I did shots and more shots and then I just acclimated until they no longer bothered me and there was no sneezing, wheezing or other miserable side effects of pet ownership. It can be done.
  • enc said...
    7:38 PM
    They're the perfect way to have "pets," yet be free of pet-hair. Nice one, Heb!
  • hebden said...
    7:56 PM
    Hmm, thanks for the allergy info...I'll pass it on to Mr. Heb...perhaps we could start with a hamster and work our way up...

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