“I often think that a slightly exposed shoulder emerging from a long satin nightgown packed more sex than two naked bodies in bed” - Bette Davis

I'm attempting to pay more attention to detail...as I recognize the tendency within myself to veer towards the blazingly obvious rather than the elusively subtle. Hence my interest in the Simone Shailes sweater (which, from a distance could just be another navy turtleneck) and the Pamela Love cuff (the detail work on which gives me a tactile thrill whenever I wear it).

In this restrained (yet admittedly lush) vein I find myself drawn towards the shoulders on Rachel Comey's detached-sleeve tees. I'm not a fan of upper arms...not that mine are particularly abhorrent, I just burn so easily that during the warmer months I prefer more coverage versus less...but a flash of shoulder...a hint of skin...is different...subtle, and an upgrade from "yet another tee".

And, I believe, a good candidate for a "DIY homage to..." version; once I locate the right tee to dismember.



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  • Anonymous said...
    1:23 PM
    oh very cute!
  • Sal said...
    1:37 PM
    Undeniably adorable ... but also agree that it's a DIY project waiting to happen.
  • enc said...
    5:25 PM
    DIY, definitely. You could really customize the shapes, sizes, and placement of the cutouts.
  • Anonymous said...
    11:26 PM
    see, i would pay for this. not sure how much, but i would. her version is a knit top it looks like, rather than a tee.
  • Hebden said...
    8:23 AM
    up & down town - agreed, it is more of a knit than a tee...but I'm hoping to find something of a similar weight that I can DIY...
  • 10:16 AM
    I was looking at this piece too... very sexy.. small details like that..I hope you can find something to DIY!

    And the Pamela Love bracelet does give me a thrill as well! =D It's almost like having a decadent bird on your arm..aww.

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