Rubbing salt in the wound...a Christmas PSA

We all receive gifts that are...well...thoughtful...yet not something that we actually want. Elderly relatives, business acquaintances, and various other people that we either see rarely or who know very little about our tastes...all have the potential to give you something that upholds the dogma "'tis better to give than to receive".

Hence a few festive Public Service Announcement...otherwise known as "alternate uses for unwanted gifts".

First up, bath salts. A great gift if you happen to like the scent, otherwise dead wood in your re-gifting closet. PSA says, "why not use them to de-ice your walkway?" Not only will you be the only person on your block with a tie-dyed patch of ice and snow outside your front door but any visitors to your abode will be wafted in on a cloud of scent.

Stay tuned for more PSAs during the coming week...


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  • Anonymous said...
    5:41 PM
    If that works, it's brilliant! Now I wish someone would give me some salt soak (no one will - I guess that's okay too).
  • enc said...
    6:49 AM
    Oh, that's brilliant!

    Did you hear about the town that's using garlic salt for the same purpose?

    It's a bit tangy there, I hear.
  • Hebden said...
    8:20 AM
    enc - tell me you're kidding...though, I'm such a garlic fan I'd probably love it...
  • 12:33 PM
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