Anchors Aweigh!

Summer's almost over, and I know that I have been complaining about the heat...lack of clothing options...and general July/August angst...more than most. So it's with a certain sense of perversity that I am now writing about this graphic sailboat t-shirt from Urban Outfitters. But how could I resist the naive, paper cut-out quality of the sailboat design?

As a sop to my conscience I'm telling myself to look past the season and consider how cute this would look under a thick, nautical cardigan...or to wear under a pinafore dress, the boat bobbing along the top of the neckline.


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  • jackie ♥ said...
    9:54 PM
    cute shirt! i love this blog :)
  • 3:58 AM
    It can't really have success, I suppose like this.

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