Tea for two...and two for tea

Don't you love it when you see something and it is the perfect gift for someone? Take, for instance, this mug...designed by Paul Smith in collaboration with Wedgewood. One of a limited edition of 1,250, whose proceeds will benefit the NSPCC Parkside Service, Notting Hill and featuring one of Sir Paul's floral designs. Now, Mr. Hebden is a keen Paul Smith fan and a chap who likes his cup of tea...could there be a better gift?

Unfortunately, the mug, appears to only be available at Paul Smith's Notting Hill store, Wedgewood on Regent Street, and Wild at Heart florists (also in Notting Hill). No mail order (that I can find), and no trips to London in the near future, so it appears that Mr. Heb will not be "getting mugged". I suppose, as they say...it's the thought that counts.


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  • Archer said...
    8:51 AM
    Did you call the store? Sometimes when you call the actual store they are willing to sell and ship it to you. Of course you will pay for shipping as well, but worth a shot, right?
  • hebden said...
    4:21 PM
    Good point...but my pessimistic side tells me I would do that and end up with a broken mug.
  • Anonymous said...
    10:19 AM
    You can indeed buy the mugs. Yu can pre-order at the moment. If you call either one of these numbers they should be able to help you out.

    Paul Smith - 020 7727 3553
    Wedgwood - 020 7758 7178
    Wild at Heart - 020 7229 1174

    Otherwise they will be available in the Paul Smith shop in Westbourne Park from September 10th.

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