Cape Fear...or at least mild depression

The only problem with the vast fount of knowledge that is the world wide web is that sometimes you see things you would rather have avoided. For example, as the temperature today is destined to hit a horrific (well, to me at least) 93 degrees and I scramble to put together outfits that I a) like, and b) don't die of heat stroke in, I'd rather not see photographs of Liv Tyler in London wearing what appears to be a thin sweater and a cape.

She looks beautiful...cosy, yet chic...and the red lips are a knock-out...and yes, I'm jealous. In addition there's the knowledge that I have a spiffy grey APC cape (the same one that Susie Bubble just picked up on sale...yet more jealousy as I paid full prices a couple of years ago) languishing in my closet, unable to be worn at the moment. It's enough to make you curse the Gods...

To compound my anguish, I just came across this Alexander Wang aged wool cape/jacket...all the looseness and cool factor of a cape, with some jacket-y elements. Okay, seriously, I need to stop before I start to cry...which I shouldn't do...because I need to remain hydrated in this heat.


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