Be prepared...

As far as I can tell people fall into two categories...those who plan for life's little emergencies and those who take things as they come. The first group have handbags that would make a boy scout happy...they always have a pen and paper in there, no writing phone numbers on hands for them...possibly a corkscrew, who knows when you may want to have an impromptu picnic?...and definitely a miniature sewing kit.

In case you're in any doubt, I fall firmly into the second category. Even though I carry large-ish handbags I still never manage to have anything the least bit useful in there. Some Hello Kitty stickers that came with a bag of candy...yes. An iPod without's happened. But a sewing though I've gone through stretches where it seems I just need to leave the house for a hem to mysteriously lose the will to go on and start coming undone.

If I decide to change my ways my first step may be to purchase Antoni & Allison's sewing kit. Not only would I get the handy dandy little sewing pack for my bag but I'd get the added bonus of these number buttons. On a plain jacket or cardigan I think they'd add a touch of Patrick McGoohan in The proclaim to the world "I am not a number, I'm a free man" and I have a sewing kit!


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