Miss Scarlett...in the library...with a piece of lead pipe

While the images for Built by Wendy's Fall/Winter collection are vaguely reminiscent of the preppy paradise found in Kate Spade's ads there's a slightly sinister undertone... Was the butler bludgeoned with a copy of DeBrett's and left in the pool cabana? Has Aunt Matilda passed out and fallen face first into the pheasant vol-au-vents...thereby confirming that the clams weren't the only things getting baked last summer? Will the rumors of Buffy's Percodin addiction finally be laid to rest now that she no longer rattles when she uses the trampoline?

Regardless of...or perhaps I should say because of...the imagery on the site I would quite happily add most of these clothes to my wardrobe. A comforting thought (for my checkbook) is that their Two Tone Swing Jacket bears a striking resemblance to a marled tweed and velvet jacket that I got at Nicole Farhi earlier this year. One piece down...about 40 or so to go...somebody pass me a martini shaker, a polo mallet, and some strychnine.


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