The Washerwoman

I've been casting covetous glances at Paris based designer, Ligia Dias', necklaces for a little while now. Her work combines ribbon, pearls, chain, and ebony washers to great effect...but, with prices running around $400, is a little too rich for my blood. This is Dias' first collection (after three years working with Alber Elbaz at Lanvin) and I was interested to learn that it was inspired by the work of Bauhaus artist, Anni Albers.
Dias' ebony washer necklace

Albers was primarily known for her work with textiles but did experiment occasionally with jewelry. For these experimental pieces she took common items like grommets and hairpins and transformed them...the common and mundane, into things of beauty.

Drawn as I was to the more literal quality of Anni Albers' pieces I visited my local hardware store and picked up $2 worth of 3/8" zinc washers. Armed with the washers and some black ribbon I set to work. Fifteen minutes later (most of which was spent trying to figure out how to weave the ribbon so that the washers would line up correctly) and I had my very own washerwoman necklace. One craft project down...about 99 left to go.
Anni Albers, Necklace from hardware, ca. 1940


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