Back to basics

Even though the temperature is still in the nineties I know that, eventually, cooler temperatures will arrive. Unless that is, thanks to Global Warming, I'm going to be stuck in a perpetual summer...believe me, at the moment I have a feeling that I've entered the fourth circle of hell (you know, the one that punished the avaricious who hoarded possessions) and that the heat will never go away.

So, in this severe period of warmth, I decided to buy a couple of basic sweaters from J Crew. As a rationalization, I'm using this as my version of a rain sweaters and encourage the cold weather. Being realistic, I've had a sweater buying compulsion since I was a teenager and it's not going to end anytime soon.

I'd mentioned an orange cardigan that I was considering from J Crew. Thankfully I prevaricated so long that a new (and much nicer) version came in...the schoolgirl cardigan. Different cardigan, same color...the Hermes-ish orange will should work well with all the grey and brown I've been stockpiling recently. I also picked up a striped crew neck...Balenciaga-ish this year...punk or nautical after that. Now let's see if the "rain dance theory" works, shall we?


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  • Rollergirl said...
    5:21 PM
    Love them both.
  • site said...
    2:17 PM
    Thanks so much for this post, really helpful material.

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