It's beginning to look a lot like...August?

I think that a new record has been set...when I opened my mailbox this morning I was greeted by snowflakes. Now, I love winter, Christmas, and all things related to "the festive season" as much as the next girl but...isn't this getting to the point where it's so early it's ridiculous?

The snowflakes themselves, made of lipsticks, are cute...and I'm never one to turn down free shipping...but, this just seems wrong.

However, in the "spirit of the season"...if you're a fellow shu uemura fan, and fancy some festive free shipping, enter "HOLIDAY6" at checkout.

Ho, ho, ho!


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  • Kate said...
    3:23 AM
    I was in Selfridges last week and they're already advertising their Christmas shop...maybe a little premature but it's an excuse to look at pretty things!

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